Reverse a Text String in Excel – HowTo Guide with Easy Methods & Tricks!

Simple Tricks to Reverse a Text String in Excel

If you are looking for Simple Tricks to Reverse a Text String in Excel, than you’ve come to the right place.

Text strings are commonly used in programs such as Excel and other programs which have spreadsheets.

Working with cell strings is most likely a familiar task if you use Excel. 

A cell string is a group of characters or text within a cell.

Cell strings can be comprised of a combination of different types of characters – including letters and numbers.

There are many ways that you can work with and structure cell strings and other contents and values of a cell.

For example, if you wanted to, you could reverse a cell string.

Reversing a cell string refers to turning a set of characters or text from its original, forward-going structure into the opposite order of what it was before.

For instance, if the original content of a cell was “letter”, then if it’s reversed, the new appearance of it would be “rettel”.

Reversing a text string in Excel using simple methods can be quick and efficient compared to manually working through this task.

Also, there a few different ways that you can go about doing this.

This tutorial offers effective steps and information that you can use immediately to reverse a text string in Excel. 

To begin, let’s go over some simple solutions.

Here’s How to Reverse a Text String in Excel:

The Custom Function Method

In Excel, you can make functions that are customized to your needs or specific tasks that you have to do.

Custom functions are also sometimes known as User Defined functions and are typically very helpful for completing tasks in Excel – including reversing strings.

Making a custom function can be a very effective and quick way to reverse things like text within a cell.

With this technique, you will be using both a custom function, along with Visual Basic for Applications. 

You can implement the custom function method by following the steps below:

  1. Open Microsoft VBA or Visual Basic for Applications by pressings ALT + F11 on your keyboard to bring the VBA window up.
    Custom Function Method
  2. Next, press ‘Insert’, then press on ‘Module’. This should open up a window which you can place the code.
    Custom Function Method 1
  3. At this step, you can use a code that can reverse text strings. Find, copy and paste or type in the appropriate code that reverses text string into the module that’s open. Then, go back to the spreadsheet and click on an empty cell that you want the reversed text to appear.
    Custom Function Method 2
  4. Type in the formula =reversestr() into this empty cell. In the parentheses of this formula, type in the location of the cell which contains the text you wish to reverse. Be sure to insert the correct location of the cell which contains the text to be reversed.
    Custom Function Method 3
  5. Click on the fill handle at the bottom of the cell which you typed the formula into and drag it in order to get the same effect from the selected cell ranges.

Upon using this method, you should see the text for the selected cells become quickly reversed.

Custom Function Method 4

Kutools Method to Reverse Text Strings

Kutools is a critical tool which makes it easier to work with a lot of different functions and allows you to work through a lot of different tasks, while saving a lot of time and effort at the same time.

Kutools is also effective for reversing strings, text, and other cell contents.

Note: Before using Kutools, you will have to have it downloaded and installed in order to use this particular method.

To use the Kutools Method to reverse text:

  1. In the spreadsheet, click and drag in order to select the cells that contain the text or string that you want reversed.
    Kutools Method to Reverse Text Strings
  2. In the menu, press ‘Kutools’, then ‘Text Tools’. Next, click ‘Reverse Text Order’. A dialog box should now appear.
    Kutools Method to Reverse Text Strings 1
  3. Under ‘Separator’, click to select the separator that’s appropriate for the cells which contain text or strings you want to reverse.
    Kutools Method to Reverse Text Strings 3
  4. In the Reverse Text dialog box, press ‘OK’.

After pressing OK and applying the method, the text or strings should be reversed.

Kutools Method to Reverse Text Strings 4

Text Formula Method

One of the most effective ways to reverse text or strings in Excel is through using functions – for example, the transpose function.

The transpose function is able to move data around within cells in Excels. 

This can be very helpful if you have data which you want to rearrange but don’t want to do it manually.

The transpose method can allow you to restructure the contents of cells within a very short amount of time.

It’s also an easy function to use, making it ideal for this task.

To try the Text Formula method:

  1. Select an empty cell near the cell that contains the text you want to reverse. Make sure that the empty cell has enough empty cells directly beneath it that are equal in number to the number of characters of the text to be reversed.
    Text Formula Method
  2. Next, type the formula =MID(,LEN()-ROW()+1,1) into that empty cell. Then, look at the formula you’ve just typed. After the first parenthesis after =MID, type a $ sign, then the column header/letter of cell which contains the text to be reversed, then another $ sign, followed by the row header/number for this same cell. 

Type this same thing within the () after LEN in the formula. Then type the cell location of the cell which you’re typing the formula into within the () after ROW.

For example, If the text to be reversed was in cell A1 and the formula was typed into cell B1, the formula should look something like this: =MID($A$1,LEN($A$1)-ROW(B1)+1,1)

Text Formula Method 1

  1. Click on and pull the fill handle of the cell which contains the formula downwards and stop when you see #VALUE! appear within a cell. You should see the characters of your string appear vertically, down the column that the formula is in. Clear out cells which have #VALUE! within them.
    Text Formula Method 2
  2. Underneath the last character (of the vertical characters of the text string in the column) locate the first empty cell (of that same column you typed the formula in). Then click first empty cell within that column and type in =TRANSPOSE(
    Text Formula Method 3
  3. Click and select the range of cells which contain the text characters that appear vertically down the column (the same column as the formula). Then type a closing parenthesis on the right of the Transpose formula. 

For example, =TRANSPOSE() . Make sure that the appropriate cell range (the cells you’ve just selected) is within those parentheses. 

Text Formula Method 4

  1. Select and highlight this formula in the formula bar, then push F9. The values of the cell range from step 6 should now appear within the formula bar next to commas, within quotation marks and enclosed as a whole by brackets.
  2. Remove the brackets that surround these values, as they aren’t needed at this point.
  3. In the formula bar after the = sign, type CONCATENATE followed by an open parenthesis. Then, type a closing parenthesis after the last character. 
  4. Press on return or enter on the keyboard.

As a result of applying the Text Formula Method, you should have a reversed text string as an outcome.

VBA Method to Reverse Text in Excel

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA can be an effective way to reverse text in spreadsheet programs. 

It can give you a practical way to work with code, all while getting tasks such as reversing strings in Excel done.

To use the VBA method to reverse text in your spreadsheet:

  1. In the menu, go to ‘Developer’, then click on Visual Basic. The Visual Basic window should now appear.
    VBA Method to Reverse Text in Excel
  2. Press “Insert”, then “Module”.
    VBA Method to Reverse Text in Excel 1
  3. You will need a code which reverses text string to complete this step. Locate, copy and paste or type in the code which reverses text into the module. Then, click to select the cell that has the text that you wish to make reversed, ensuring that the cell next to it is empty.
    VBA Method to Reverse Text in Excel 2
  4. In this order, go to Developer, then Macros and Reverse_String, then press Run. This should allow you to run the code.
    VBA Method to Reverse Text in Excel 3

From here, you should see the specified text has been reversed.

Concluding the Tutorial

This tutorial has shown you How to Reverse a Text String in Excel.

It has also provided you with a few effective techniques that you can implement immediately.

Try these methods, work through them carefully and see how they work out for you!

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