How to Find the Last Monday of the Month in Excel

How to Find the Last Monday of the Month in Excel

Sometimes, calculating data such as days or dates without doing so manually can be necessary.

Finding the last Monday of the month can be important if you need to know which date the latest Monday within a certain timeframe has occurred or will occur.

In any case, finding the last Monday of the month with Excel is possible and a task which you can complete.

Here’s How to Find the Last Monday of the Month in Excel:

In this tutorial, I will show you a simple way to find the Last Monday of the Month in Excel.

This method will involve the use of functions and a formula in order to return the desired date.

This solution can also be adjusted to find the date for any weekday of the month – not just Mondays if you need to figure out other dates.

Let’s get started!

WEEKDAY and EOMONTH Function Method

Working with functions to Find the last Monday of the Month can be a quick process.

In this solution we will work with two functions to complete this task – the EOMONTH function and the WEEKDAY function.

The EOMONTH function is a useful tool for figuring out the last Monday of a particular month.

When used, this function can produce a number that correlates with the latest day of a month.

This function also has a structure that should appear as EOMONTH(date_input, month_offset) when in use – whereas date_input  represents a start date and month_offset represents the amount of numbers before or after the start date.

The WEEKDAY function is a function that can produce a day of the week which corresponds with a certain date.

The day produced by the function is returned in the form of an integer and will range anywhere from 1 (which represents Sunday) to 7 (which represents Saturday).

The structure or syntax of the WEEKDAY function is WEEKDAY(date_input,[return_type) – whereas date_input represents a date that you wish to know the day of the week of and return_type is optional and is not necessary for this method to work, though it can help you to specify the sequencing of the returned value.

To use the WEEKDAY and EOMONTH function method to find the last Monday of the month for a specified date:

  1. Choose the cell which contains the date you want to start with first. This step is important, as it will give you a starting point from which you can begin using the functions and formula in the next steps.
    EOMONTH Function excel
  2. Click and select any cell that you want the result of using this formula to appear in.. Then, type this formula: =EOMONTH(date_input, month_offset) – WEEKDAY(EOMONTH(date_input, month_offset)-2) into to it. In this example, the formula will be typed into cell A2

Remember to plug and type in the cell reference (location of the cell) in place of date_input within the formula, as well as the appropriate value in place of where it says month_offset (which represents the total number of months before or after the date that you specified in date_input).

In this example, the formula has been typed into cell A2.

The formula will also appear in the formula bar as a result of typing it into the cell.

Weekday and EOMONTH function excel

Note: For month_offset, positive numbers represent future months and negative numbers represents earlier or past months.

In this example, we used 0 in order to return dates of last Mondays which are in the same month as the original dates in column B.

Also, you may have to make some adjustments to the formula to make it reflect the data which you are looking for.

  1. Push Enter on the keyboard or try clicking on the spreadsheet. This should return a date which brings up the desired information. If you want to get the last Mondays of all of the dates within a column, you can click and drag the fill handle of the cell which contains the formula until you have all of the last Mondays that you want.

If for some reason the date doesn’t appear where or how it should, go back through the steps and check that you have done each one as specified.     

Upon using this formula along with both the WEEKDAY and EOMONTH functions, you should be able easily to return the date which correlates with the last Monday of the month. 

eomonth excel

Concluding this Tutorial

We’ve gone over the WEEKDAY function and the EOMONTH function, as well as how each one works.

We have also learned about the formula which can be used to combine the actions of these two functions.

Once you use the formulas and function and implement these helpful steps, you might find that they are convenient and effective to work with.

As a result of following this simple method, you should be able to Find the last Monday of the month that you wish to specify.

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