How to Add a Total Row to an Excel Table

How to Add a Total Row to an Excel Table

Working with data that needs to be calculated can be time consuming and complicated.

Adding a total row can be useful if you have columns of numerical values or amounts which you would like to have added together.

As such, adding a total row to a table in Excel can allow you to have your data totaled fast without a lot of effort.

A total row can also make your work quicker and more efficient – saving you time in the process.

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How to Add a Total Row to an Excel Table:

There are multiple ways that you can go about inserting a total row to a table in Excel right away. In this tutorial, we will go over 4 different methods and show you how to add a total row.

With these 4 helpful techniques, it should be easy to add a total row to your spreadsheet.

Let’s begin!

The Design Tab Technique

The Design tab in the Excel menu can be a critical tool if you wish to change the look of your table in Excel.

Whether you want to change things like color or style this feature makes it possible to do that and much more – including adding a total row to a table.

Also, total row is a common feature that is used to get the total from data within a specified table.

Using the Design tab along with the total row feature in Excel is one of the simplest and most effective ways to insert a total row into a table.

To try Design Tab Technique:

  1. Go to the table in Excel, then click on it.
  2. In the Excel ribbon menu, press and click on ‘Table Tools’.
  3. Click on ‘Design’, then tick the box next to ‘Total Row’ to select it. At this point, the total row should now appear at the bottom of the table beneath the other rows.
    design tab technique excel
  4. Choose and select a column which you would like to get a total of. When the drop-down menu comes up, click on the function that you want to use. A few of the functions that you could consider in this step include Sum, Average, Count, Max or Min – depending on the result that you want to achieve.

From here, the total row feature should allow you to easily add the total row to your table.

The Shortcut Method

Shortcuts in Excel can make using it much quicker and convenient.

As the name implies, the Shortcut Method employs the use of shortcuts from the keyboard to achieve insertion of a total row. 

This method can provide you with a quick way to getting a total row added where you need it to be.

To use the Shortcut Method:

  1. Click and select a cell in the table on your spreadsheet. This could be any cell within the table.
  2. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + T on the keyboard.
  3. You should now see a new total row appear at the bottom of your table.

the shortcut method excel

The Shortcut Method is a fast and easy technique which can be used by anyone wishing to add a total row to their spreadsheet table.

Using a Row and Sum Technique

Rows and columns can be added manually to spreadsheets in Excel.

You can also add a total row by simply putting a new row into the table and using the SUM formula to finish the process. 

The SUM function in Excel is useful for adding values of cells together.

This function can calculate data quickly and efficiently within seconds.

Using the Row and Sum Method can take you step by step to getting row numbers to appear on your table.

It can also be an uncomplicated way to add a total row to your worksheet.

To apply the Row and SUM technique, start with the steps below:

  1. Go to the last cell of the first column that contains data, then select the first empty cell underneath that cell.
  2. Type ‘Totals’ into the cell, then press ‘Enter’. A new row in the table should now appear at the bottom of the table.

  3. Click the cell immediately to the right and next to the ‘Totals’ cells. 
  4. In the ribbon menu, click on ‘Home’, then go to the Editing group and select ‘Sum’.
    row and sum excel
  5. Click on the cell which you put the Sum formula into (the cell to the immediate right of the ‘Totals’ cell), grab the fill handle of that cell, then pull the handle to the right so that the cells under each column with data that you wanted totaled or summed up have the Sum formula copied into it.
  6. You should then see the sums of each of the selected columns with summed data appear.

After adding a new row and using the formula as specified, a total row should now be added to your table.

The Right-Click Technique

Right-clicking in Excel can provide you with many options to do different tasks in Excel.

This action is not only quick and easy, but it can also allow you to access useful features which makes it possible to add a total row to your table.

To try the right-click method, please follow these simple steps below:

  1. Go to the table in Excel, then choose any cell within the table and right-click on it. It should not matter which cell it is. Upon right-clicking the table cell, a menu should now appear.
  2. Click on the option in the menu that says ‘Table’. The menu for ‘Table’ should now come up.
  3. Click on the option that says ‘Total Rows’ in this newest menu.

As a result of doing a few clicks here and there, you should see that a total row has been inserted below your table.

Tutorial Conclusion

After working through any of these quick methods, you should see that a total row has now been added to the table.

This process of adding a total row by implementing these techniques can be very simple and can make it much easier to work with your data.

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