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how do i convert from wps to html or text...i have vista
In Configurations - Asked by ddddddddddddddddd
95 answers
19:50:45 10/30/16
Solved [Solved] Windows XP boots well, but kind of hangs for about a minute
In General - Asked by shakushinnen
68 answers
15:29:35 4/18/18
Solved [Solved] Recover or rebuild boot partition?
In Software Problems - Asked by shakushinnen
53 answers
20:05:37 1/23/18
Solved [Solved] Problems setting up old pc
In Installation - Asked by Dawie
51 answers
05:29:14 5/01/19
Problem with start-up after aborted reinstallation of OS.
In Installation - Asked by Dawie
50 answers
02:53:25 11/29/16
How to restore reg back up when keyboard and mouse not work
In Configurations - Asked by Keyouse
47 answers
04:25:41 5/01/19
Solved [Solved] Why the System can't creat a memory dump file in win Xp?....
In General - Asked by Gentleman
34 answers
14:39:14 5/27/16
Solved [Solved] Why can't I reboot from CD drive.
In Installation - Asked by Gus61
33 answers
16:30:50 5/18/16
How do I reformat the HDD on IBM ThinkPad T41?
In Hardware Problems - Asked by arachiya
28 answers
15:49:28 8/07/15
I have many photos that won't come up anymore after scan
In General - Asked by Blackforestprincess1
27 answers
15:11:20 6/12/16
No POST or BIOS video, but fine after Win loads
In Configurations - Asked by nightowl3130
26 answers
12:12:04 3/17/17
Solved [Solved] How to install Windows xp on Windows 7
In General - Asked by korat2000
26 answers
08:55:21 5/15/16
Solved [Solved] problem preventing license check for computer
In Configurations - Asked by Davidw
23 answers
04:34:04 8/07/17
Solved [Solved] How to properly Update Win XP SP2 to SP3?
In Installation - Asked by PAL-Thailand
22 answers
04:30:36 12/16/19
Solved [Solved] Page fault in a none paged area error
In General - Asked by Gentleman
22 answers
15:50:28 3/28/16
How to wipe hd (off-line)
In Software Problems - Asked by MIMIVEE
21 answers
04:19:27 2/25/20
CDBoot: Cannot boot from cd Code 5
In Configurations - Asked by hunterp
21 answers
09:56:34 8/20/15
Solved [Solved] Install a program from a set of files (including SETUP.EXE)
In Installation - Asked by skylark42
20 answers
13:03:04 5/26/16
Solved [Solved] how to enter bios setting
In Installation - Asked by GulamMurtuza
19 answers
00:57:06 9/01/16
Solution to a new win popup problem??
In General - Asked by sonoffar2
19 answers
18:15:23 8/18/15
Solved [Solved] Cannot install XP on Asus motherboard
In Installation - Asked by Juriemagic
18 answers
23:07:43 10/18/17
Solved [Solved] How to fix xp pro sp3 rpcss slow to start on boot???
In Software Problems - Asked by KB1240
18 answers
09:34:52 2/05/16
2 inch wide black bar on right side of my HP compac laptop
In General - Asked by thimmaker
18 answers
09:59:46 6/14/15
Solved [Solved] where can i get xp 32 pro latest version ISO
In Software Problems - Asked by Davidw
17 answers
04:42:32 3/20/19
Need help with installing a program on a WinXP virtual drive
In Software Problems - Asked by Gavindale
17 answers
15:31:08 3/02/18
I need to know how to connecti an old computer to a new prin
In Hardware Problems - Asked by jmoore72
16 answers
14:58:54 3/16/20
Toshiba satelite with XP won't boot up
In General - Asked by sataliteXP
15 answers
07:51:59 1/30/20
Can't access files on old XP laptop (privilege issue)
In General - Asked by jr777
15 answers
00:21:10 6/14/18
Solved [Solved] How to disable a program from being always on top?
In General - Asked by Gentleman
15 answers
11:52:45 9/03/16
Solved [Solved] Dell Dimension 2400 wont boot - HELP
In Software Problems - Asked by BingBingBingBongBong
15 answers
16:40:10 6/24/16

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