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How Do I Fix several random Windows 8.1 X64 BSOD Errors
In General - Asked by ryrhino
50 answers
03:13:47 8/06/15
Solved [Solved] I want to uninstall RAR Opener, a free app from my computer.
In Software Problems - Asked by raycuadro
44 answers
17:56:49 7/11/15
Solved [Solved] Can not boot into Windows or safemode
In Software Problems - Asked by rick465
42 answers
22:06:01 5/10/18
Chrome reloads old tab pages automatically
In Web Browsing - Asked by xaphar
34 answers
23:27:07 8/22/16
6-months old custom-built Computer now hangs and freezes
In General - Asked by ozisike
30 answers
09:59:25 3/07/16
cant watch any video because of lag
In Software Problems - Asked by Amrit2206
22 answers
12:19:24 7/29/15
Thinking of getting a new computer but don't want Windows8
In General - Asked by LorenSr
21 answers
05:44:43 6/20/15
Unexpected I/O error 0xc00000e9 after install VLC, uTorrent
In General - Asked by Erik94
20 answers
18:43:16 10/24/16
Solved [Solved] hp laptop windows 8.1 cant update
In Hardware Problems - Asked by Davidw
20 answers
09:13:21 12/30/16
Solved [Solved] how to recover system windows 8
In Configurations - Asked by Painteman
19 answers
00:45:58 11/28/16
my computer stopped trying to install programs updates
In Software Problems - Asked by urielrocks5676
18 answers
16:20:49 10/11/15
Desktop shortcut opens to spinning wheel instead of webpage
In General - Asked by Decades
18 answers
14:58:49 7/09/16
Chrome error message: This site can't be reached
In Web Browsing - Asked by xaphar
17 answers
20:55:18 10/11/16
Solved [Solved] How to get rid of radio interference
In General - Asked by Brooklyn
15 answers
21:04:26 1/28/16
PC has 106GB is that enough space for 2.37GB Win 8 install?
In Installation - Asked by Cisco212
15 answers
15:05:15 3/06/16
Solved [Solved] Why does the link to resetting my password not work
In General - Asked by belfastgirl
15 answers
13:03:17 7/04/15
how can I recover my windows key from an inspiron 2020
In Installation - Asked by Jeffrey7112
14 answers
17:14:58 11/06/15
Solved [Solved] Criteria over windows 8 annoyances!
In Software Problems - Asked by MOHAGIAN
14 answers
15:02:58 8/10/15
Flash player crashes while playing only on Firefox?
In Software Problems - Asked by Salaama
13 answers
13:23:16 10/06/15
how to format all my laptop from another laptop or from bios
In Software Problems - Asked by rko
13 answers
18:13:33 12/24/15
Solved [Solved] computer crashed. drive is locked. Reset-partition missing
In General - Asked by nbabe
13 answers
14:50:41 3/29/16
refresh windows 8 without booting into desktop?
In Installation - Asked by Batman322
12 answers
20:44:03 6/21/17
Solved [Solved] Screen display symbols instead of text on Windows 8
In Hardware Problems - Asked by noobcomputers
12 answers
16:34:56 10/24/15
Solved [Solved] My mouse is inverted weirdly and it doesn't want to work
In Configurations - Asked by raulg
12 answers
14:58:24 12/17/17
Solved [Solved] How do I get a power cord
In General - Asked by Alp
11 answers
08:01:30 9/11/17
Solved [Solved] How to check deleted or uninstalled apps in a Win PC?
In General - Asked by NikRaymen
11 answers
23:26:07 11/06/15
Solved [Solved] Recover Win 8 Metro tiles/apps without doing a system reset?
In Software Problems - Asked by teeman
11 answers
14:25:20 1/24/16
My 1TB Seagate HD cannot be detected by my laptop! HELP
In General - Asked by MarionSarah
11 answers
23:12:28 7/03/15
Error message when using Bitlord
In Web Browsing - Asked by Dienekes
11 answers
07:00:43 7/18/15
Solved [Solved] Wry does my monitor only shows black with a white triange
In Software Problems - Asked by Lawaetz123
10 answers
16:35:15 9/19/15

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