XML Parser and Demo Infinite Tokens

By: nbrane
October 13, 2012

The problem of isolating xml tags and data using batch is not easy to solve reliably. This is my feeble attempt to do so. It does, however, demonstrate a means of extracting an unlimited and indefinited number of elements from each line by incrementing the "tokens=" values in a loop. It is also capable of handling "!" since delayed expansion was not used. Double-quotes will cause failure, and probably some other characters as well.

::===== begin script  
@echo off > xml.out & setlocal  
:: parse xml into tags and content  
for /f "tokens=*" %%z in (%1.xml) do (  
set test=%%z  
set z=1  
set y=2  
call :aaa  
echo done  
goto :eof  
for /f "tokens=%z%,%y% delims=<" %%a in ("%test%") do (  
set f=%%b  
set s=%%a  
call :bild  
if "%f%" equ "" set z=0 & set y=0 & goto :eof  
set /a z+=1  
set /a y+=1  
goto :aaa  
set stest=%s:>=%  
for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=>" %%c in ("%s%") do (  
if "%stest%" equ "%s%" (>> xml.out echo DATA:%%a) else (  
>> xml.out echo TAG:%%c DATA:%%d  
::========= end

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