Use Your Wireless-Equipped Computer As a Wireless Adapter

By: PsychoTeddy
January 6, 2011

Sticker shock at your local store can be quite a bummer when you're looking to do some gaming wirelessly through Xbox Live.  Not to fret!  If you have a wireless-equipped laptop or desktop that you can connect to your Xbox with an Ethernet cable, you're set!

It's as simple as bridging the two adapters, wireless and wired, together so that traffic is passed from wireless to wired and v.v.  First things first, get an ethernet cable and connect your Xbox to your laptop directly.  To do the rest, we:

Step 1.  Go into the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel (Network Connections if you're in XP). 

Step 2.  From there, click "Change Adapter Settings" on the left (You need not do this in XP). 

Step 3. Hold down your "Ctrl" key on your keyboard.

Step 4. Click your wired and wireless adapters in this list, they should now both be highlighted.

Step 5. Right click on either one of these adapters (make sure they're highlighted first)

Step 6. Select "Add to Bridge"

Step 7. Wait... A lot... Once the "Please wait while Windows bridges the connections..." window disappears, restart your computer.  Sometimes this feature will not work until you restart.

A side note:  Your wireless connection will show as disconnected all of the time now.  However, it is working, trust me.  It's a glitch in Windows that doesn't seem to have been addressed in a very long time.  You should still be able to right click your wireless connection (either on the taskbar or in the Network and Sharing Center's adapter settings menu) and connect to a network.  You should also be able to access the internet as usual on your laptop even with this bridge enabled and running, including when connected to your Xbox. 

And there you have it, you've saved upwards of $100 on a new adapter and learned something in the process!

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