Sony Bluetooth Mouse VGP-BMS33 Not Recognized

By: zgzgs
July 26, 2012

Sony Bluetooth Mouse VGP-BMS33

Occasionally, when the computer has been turned on it does not recognise the Sony Bluetooth Mouse VGP-BMS33.

To get the mouse to work again proceed as follows:

Step 1. Open Control Panel > Bluetooth Devices>Select VPG-BMS33 >Bluetooth Settings>Options>

Step 2. Place a tick in the "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer">Apply>OK then close the open window.

The mouse should now work.

Many users find that they cannot get the mouse to work after reformatting their hard drive. They search in vain for the software and are unable to buy it from Sony or other computer retailers.

I had this problem and searched for the software but could not find it amongst all the other software I have accumulated over the years. My efforts to try to buy the software from Sony or computer shops were to no avail. In desperation I went and bought another Sony Bluetooth Mouse VGP-BMS33 merely to obtain the software. I then discovered that the mouse never came with software in the first place.

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