Simple Ways to Format a Flash Drive

By: Bhenjamin03
November 19, 2015

Flash drive always come in handy, this is the reason why many users still prefer this type of storage stick. However, there can be times where in the flash drive is corrupted or you need to delete all of its content to save new once. Formatting a flash drive is not a hard task to do. However, some people especially beginners can find this thing strange and confusing. To help out, here is a very easy way to format and clean a USB flash drive.

Step 1:  Open your PC and click to launch “My Computer”.

Step 2: Plug-in your USB drive into USB ports and wait till your system detects it. Once detected, the name of your flash drive will appear along with its available memory.

Step 3: Hover your mouse into your flash drive drive’s icon, and then do a right click. Now from the drop down menu, click Format.

Step 4: Pick NTFS as a file system and then press start. Wait for a moment till the process completes.

Step 5: Safely remove your Flash drive from the computer by ejecting it first.

And that’s how you format your USB flash drive easily. Thanks! Hope it can help you in some ways. 

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