Setting Up a Network Printer

By: Justin Weber
September 5, 2008

Use this to install a Networked Printer.

1. Open the Printers folder (Start->Settings->Printers)
2. Double-click the "Add Printer" icon
3. When told to begin installing the printer, click Next, Do So
4. You are asked if you wish to install a Local or a Network Printer. For this FAQ,
choose, Network Printer
5. Next, you are asked to specify the path to the printer. If you do not know it, then
click on browse and find it. eg. HP LJ 5SI = HPLJ5SI on SERVER1
6. You are also asked if you plan to print from MS-DOS based programs. If you think you
will, choose Yes, otherwise, choose No
7. Next, you are required to find the manufacturer and model. If you cannot find it, or
you have a disk that came with your printer, click on "Have Disk..." and enter the path
to it.
8. Next, give the printer a name that you will remember and whether you plan to use it as
the default printer.
9. Then, you are asked to print a test page. If you are out on site, then it is
recommended, otherwise say no. Then click Finish.
10. Windows will now start copying files. When this is complete, you can use the printer -
assuming you set it up correctly.

Originally Written By Jon Sawers

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