Setting Up a Local Printer

By: Justin Weber
September 5, 2008

Use this to install a Local Printer.

1. Open the Printers folder (Start->Settings->Printers)
2. Double-click the "Add Printer" icon
3. When told to begin installing the printer, click Next, Do So
4. You are asked if you wish to install a Local or a Network Printer. For this FAQ, choose, Local Printer
5. Next, you need to enter the manufacturer and model number. If you cannot find it, or you have a disk that came with your printer, choose the "Have Disk" option and browse till you find it.
6. You will now be asked to select a port. Standard is LPT1, but COM2 can also be used. There are other options, but these are very rarely used.
7. You are asked to give the printer a name and whether it will be your default printer.
8. Then, you are asked whether to print a test page. It is suggested that you do.
9. Windows will now copy the files that it needs.

Et Voila!

Originally Written By Jon Sawers

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