Safe Browser Addon WOT Web Of Trust

Safe Browser Addon WOT Web Of Trust

Alot of people browse the web opening and visiting any site without knowing if the site is good or bad?
In this day and age, it makes no sense to browse this way.
The WOT Web Of Trust addon will let you know on the suggestions pages, of your search engine. If a site is good or bad. Before you visit the site stopping infections.

Step 1. Goto the MyWOT website:

Step 2. Select Downloads.

Step 3. Go down the page until you can see the selection of browsers. Click the browser you wan’t to add the tool to. (Supporting IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari more on the way.)

Step 4. The install window will open, click RUN. It will be on your browser when you restart it.

Step 5. As you browse sites will be rated GREEN, YELLOW and RED.
Green is safe. Yellow has minor issues. Red is dangerous. Use green sites until you get used to the tool.

Step 6. A site with a clear WOT symbol is a new site without ratings, avoid these ones unless you really trust the site and know the correct URL.

Step 7. By clicking on the WOT symbol next to the sites as you browse, it will show you detailed comments from WOT users as to why the site is rated the way it is.

Step 8. The WOT tool will also show ratings of links in your emails, saving you from opening a virus etc.

Step 9. As you get into using the tool you can rate sites as well, by clicking the WOT symbol next to your browser search bar.( Only WOT members can do comments, which you can do by visiting the MyWOT site and filling out your details. (This is so they know that you are a human not a BOT filling out comment posts)

There are now over 15million WOT toolbar users and 2million WOT members worldwide.
Website owners can use WOT to check their websites for viruses, security problems, privacy issues etc.
It is a FREE tool for you to browse safely.
Website owners can try out the free trial on their own before paying a low monthly fee.
WOT members use many tools to rate sites eg. VirusTotal using 43 AV scanners, URLvoid using 18 AV scanners, Whois a url history checker, just to name a few. They give their time for free and will give the best ratings possible to keep you browsing safely.