Remove Thinkpoint

Remove Thinkpoint

Alright guys,

I just fixed a computer with this problem running vista….

Step 1. Start the computer in “Safe Mode with networking”

Step 2. After the thinkpoint screen loads push the command CTRL+ALT+DEL this will bring you to task manager. Find the process hotfix.exe and kill (end) the process.

Step 3. At this point you will only have a blank black screen behind your task manager. you can go in ms-dos prompt and delete the hotfix.exe so if you have to reboot the screen wont happen again.

To delete the hotfix.exe:

Step 1. While in task manager go to File and select “run new task”. then type “cmd.exe” in the open box. this will pull up your command prompt.

Step 2. you then type “CD C:\Users\**USERNAME**\AppData\Roaming then after the directory is changed type “del hotfix.exe ” this will stop the thinkpoint screen from loading if you have to reboot.

Step 3. After you delete the hotfix.exe you will go back into you task manager, dont panic if you cant find it JUST USE CTRL+ALT+DEL and select task manager.

Step 4. Goto File, then selet “new Task”.

Step 5. Now the next task can be done two ways

You can type “explorer.exe” in the open box and it should take you to your desktop
(which this did not work for me because the virus was stopping it)


You can type “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe” this will take you directly into your internet. (this is the option i had to use)

Step 6. After Getting back to you desktop or straight into the internet…YOU MUST DO THIS>>>>the virus has only been stopped NOT REMOVED so you must do this next step or you are just leaving the virus sleeping on your computer

Step 7. While in internet explorer go to “” download the free version and run the full scan option after running the scan you will want to click the “See Results” button that is available after the scan is ran. this will load a detailed page of what was found and it will have the virus and malware selected. there should be a “remove selected” button at the bottom of this page. after this is done it will require you to restart your computer.

(remember guys even if you got a blank black screen the computer is still kicking and is operating. it just we are so use to seeing the desktop to run the computer)