Preventing Unwanted Programs from Starting on Startup

By: Josep
October 6, 2013

First thing you might want to do before trying this is creating a restore point.

Now to prevent those unwanted start-up programs that you don't want to uninstall but are a pain to put up with every time you boot your computer follow this simple steps. (works for XP, VISTA, and 7)

Step 1. On the Start tab on search type in "msconfig"

Step 2. Go to the Startup tab

Step 3. Uncheck the programs that you want to stop from starting on start up

Step 4. Click on Apply

Step 5. Click OK

Step 6. Now you must restart the computer for the changes to take place

Step 7. Click Restart

Now the programs you uncheck will not start unless you modify it again. This can speed up your computer at start up substantially depending on the amount of programs starting which slow the process down. 

( Keep in mind that ["msconfig"] modifies your start up programs services and changes the booting process. Be sure NOT to change anything you might not be sure about. AND DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING ON THE OTHER TABS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.)

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