Posting on a Computing.Net forum

Below is a brief set of instructions for posting on Computing.Net’s forums.

Step one. Look to the top navigation bar and find the link that says “Ask A Question.”

Step two. Read the instructions at the top right of that page about what information you should include in your post. As you click different fields you will be presented with more information about what needs to appear in each one of those fields..

Step three. Choose the most appropriate forum for your posting and click “Publish your question.” Remember to take care to choose the most appropriate forum for your question so that you will receive help quickly.

Step four. You may be asked to login or create an account. Once this is completed, your question will be immediately posted on the site.

Step five. Congratulations! Your question should be posted. You will automatically be sent to the page where it appears. It will also automatically be tracked for you on your “My Computing.Net” page.