Posting an example Excel sheet

By: mmcconaghy
August 9, 2020

The easiest way I have found to post an Excel spreadsheet example here on, is to save your example data as a .PRN filetype:

First, it is important that you copy/paste your example data into a NEW temporary workbook, (Not a new sheet) this will prevent your real working workbook from being converted.

So, open a new temporary workbook and paste your example data into the new workbook.
Pasting it into cell B2, will allow you to add the:

Column Letters
across Row 1
Row Numbers down Column A

You can also format your Row Numbers with a custom format of:

    #) < Space >

This will give you a space between the row number and the data.

Next, do a Save As,
Select Other Formats,
At the bottom of the popup box, in the scroll box that reads Save as Type

Scroll down until you find: Formatted Text (Space Delimited) (*.PRN)

And save your temporary workbook as a .PRN filetype.

Excel may give you a warning about formatting issues, just ignore them.

Exit out of Excel and find your new .PRN file and using a Text Editor like JEdit or Notepad++,
or you can use plain old MS Notepad, open the file.

All your data should be more or less aligned properly.

NOTE: DO NOT use MS Word as it may change any quote marks to Smart Quotes and Excel does not like Smart Quotes and may result in error messages when your data is copy/pasted back into a spreadsheet.

If needed make whatever minor adjustments you feel are needed then post on the forum
and do not forget to enclose your data using the PreTags.

How-To use PreTags:
(Appropriated from DerbyDad03’s How-To:  Posting Tables and VBA Code With The Pre Tag)

To line up the data in your post on Computing.Net, you must use the *pre* tag found above the Reply box. It should be the small word PRE with a jagged line behind it.

Step 1. Click the *pre* icon found above the Reply box.
Step 2. Enter your data/table(s) or VBA code between the tags.

When posting data/table(s) be sure to include Column letters and Row numbers

Step 3. Click Preview Follow Up to see if you like the way it looks.
Step 4. If you need to fix the layout, fix it in the Message box below the Preview box.
Step 5. Click the Preview Further Changes Button

Repeat steps 4 – 5 as often as necessary until you like the way the post looks.

Step 6. Click either Confirm button to Post your response

Good luck

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