NTLDR and boot.ini Error after Cloning

If you are experiencing either an NTLDR or boot.ini error after cloning a disk, try the following steps.

Step 1. On the source computer, Dell Optiplex GX280 with XP Home Edition SP3 DU, first make hidden files visible.

Step 2. Make Ghost clone and install it on target computers with identical hardware.

Step 3. I made the clone with Hiron’s Boot CD.

If you have changed the partition windows is installed on, you will receive an error message about not being able to find the boot.ini. You need to change the partition numbers in this file to correct the problem:

Step 1. Restart from Hiron Boot CD, then restart mini XP session again.

Step 2. Look at the partition the clone installation is performed to, looking for Boot.ini file.

Step 3. In the Boot.ini file check the partition numbers. Change the value to the location of the new partition on the cloned drive.

Step 4. Then check on the (hidden) system and boot files on that very partition.

If you receive a message says NTLDR missing, so look for NTLDR first:

Step 1. Find both NTLDR and NTDETECT hidden system files and compare these with files on source computer. If they are corrupt, delete them first and replace them with the correct (copied) files from the source computer.

Step 2. Look for the attributes on these system and boot files and compare them with the original. These files suppose to have some attributes like hidden, system, compressed, etc.

Problem solved.