Making your HP printers print their best

By: Justin Weber
September 5, 2008

Well this is a little known problem that I discovered myself when trying to figure out why my HP 855c was not printing very well. It turns out that the printer drivers for those printers built into Windows 98 are terrible. They do not allow the printer to print to its fullest capability. I'm going to go through the steps of setting up the printer to print its best. Note: If you are using Windows 95 you'll have to download the printer drivers for these printers anyway so you don't have the problem of Windows 98 wanting to use its poorer quality drivers.

Step one. Load the link to the HP printer page by clicking here. This will take you to the HP printer driver page and there you will be able to find the driver for your printer.

Step two. Next you will need to select the information about your printer from the pull down menus and let HP take you to the web site for your printer.

Step three. Once you arrive at this page you will see something that says, "Getting Started" and underneath it will be a link that says drivers. Click on that link.

Step four. Select your language and select the Operating System as Windows 95 do not select Windows 98 because then you will be told the driver is already in Windows 98 and click GO. If it says that the driver for this printer is built into Windows 95 then this tip will not help you.

Step five. Follow the remaining instructions on the HP web site in order to download this driver.

Step six. Go into the printers panel and select add new printer. Click on local printer and on the port that your printer is plugged into (most commonly LPT1). Then click have disk, select browse, select the location in which you extracted the file that you downloaded from hp and double click on the folder called disk1. Now you should be able to install the program successfully. If it asks you to insert disk 2 or disk 3 click browse and do the same thing you did to find disk 1 except click on the folder disk2 or disk3.

Now when printing images your printer should be much better.

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