Making Forbidden Directories and File Names

By: MUs
December 9, 2010

This How-to is all about making forbidden directory names.

Normally, we cant make directory or file names such as 'CON' 'AUX' 'NUL' 'COM1' etc..

But everything is possible, so lets do this;

md C:\con

This will fail.

But if we run:

md \\.\C:\CON

It will make a directory name 'CON'

If you want a filename such as these names:

@echo "Some Text" >> \\.\C:\CON

I really dont know what you can do with those directory(s)\file(s), at least you cant delete them, without running the following command(s):

For directory(s): rd \\.\C:\CON

For file(s): del /Q \\.\C:\CON

I hope you did enjoy my How-to.

Kind Regards,


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