Making a Boot Disk

By: Justin Weber
September 5, 2008

This Howto will discuss making a boot disk on a system running Windows 98 or higher. If you do not have Windows 98 or higher it is possible to obtain a boot disk image for various other Operating Systems at The sites linked at will most likely have instructions on how to put this image from your hard drive onto a disk. Now, on with the Howto for the the users using Windows 98 or higher.

Step One. Obtain a disk. You may want to insert the disk into your computer first and look on it to make sure it does not contain files that you would not like deleted. To do this, simply insert the disk into the disk drive and then double click on the (A:) disk drive under "My Computer."

Step Two. Click on the start menu and go up to "Settings." After the settings menu opens click on the Control Panel icon.

Step Three. If you receive a warning about not using the Control Panels unless you are experienced, please proceed past it.

Step Four. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Control Panel window.

Step Five. Click on the "Startup Disk" tab in the Add/Remove Programs window.

Step Six. Insert the disk into the computer and click on the button to create the startup disk. You may or may not be asked to insert your Windows CD-ROM, if you are then do it.

Now that you have made your disk you may want to try to restart your computer with it to make sure it works. Remember to take the disk out of the disk drive after it is made or else your computer will boot to it instead of the hard drive the next time it boots.

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