Installing a Computer Fan

By: Smizz9000
February 2, 2009

Installing a Computer Fan

Step 1. Look inside your computer and check for a 3 pin connecter on your motherboard that looks like this=

... <-- 3 pins
__ <-- Plastic lock in piece

The motherboard should be labeled, "SYS FAN"
right beside it.

Step 2. Look in your computer and think of a good place that would keep your computer well cooled.

Step 3. Measure the distance from the connecter to where you want to put your fan, you are going to have to know the distance so that you buy a fan that has a long enough wire!

Step 4.Go to your nearest computer store or a place that you know that contains computer parts and look for a fan with the right length of wire. Don't forget to get the one with the 3 pin connecter, some fans have different ones! Awhile at the store, get some screws to hold in the fan if you haven't already.

Step 5. Open the computer back up and set up your fan, plug it in to see if it reaches, then screw the fan in place if needed.

Step 6. Turn the computer on with the lid open and make sure the fan works. Don't worry, the computer won't hurt you!

Step 7. Your all done! You now have a brand new working fan in your computer!

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