Install Solid State Hard Drive in MacBook Pro Mid 2010

By: dcutl002
July 31, 2015

I gave my MacBook Pro a little extra speed by installing a solid state hard drive (SSD).  At first I tried booting the computer with the new SSD but the Superdrive (DVD) just kept searching and searching and searching, but nothing.  Come to find out after a little internet research...a lot of Apple DVDs are corrupted. So, this is what I did to get the new SSD working.  I cloned the HDD image.  Works great!

  1. Purchase a Notebook Drive upgrade kit.  I went to Best Buy and purchased an Apricorn SATA wire 3.0 kit for Mac and PC.  I am sure that any brand will work.
  2. download the SuperDuper app
  3. double click the icon and drag the SuperDuper icon to applications and double click to run
  4. shut down computer
  5. restart computer and start recovery mode.  this can be done by pressing CONTROL and R simultaneously at bootup.  (You may want to research how to do this for your software version...I have Yosemite 10.10.4)
  6. The Disk Utility screen should be up
  7. connect destination SSD to notebook upgrade SATA connector.  Then plug the USB end into the computer
  8. Open Disk Utility
  9. Locate new SSD in left column of Disk Utility
  10. Click on SSD to highlight and click ERASE.  Make sure that the format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  11. Click Restore tab
  12. Drag old HDD image into "Source" field
  13. Drag new SDD image into destination field.  Check box that says "Erase Destination"
  14. Click 'Restore'
  15. My clone took about 2 hours
  16. Quit Disk Utility when complete.
  17. Shut down computer and install new SSD.
  18. Boot up with new SSD.

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