Install MSDOS 6.22 to HDD using only Upgrade Disks

By: T-R-A
October 3, 2020

Have been asked this a few times...thought I'd copy/leave it here for "posterity"

This assumes you have no other operating system on the hard drive (otherwise you'll lose everything on it)...

#1:  After making sure disk geometry is correctly setup in BIOS---Boot machine with Disk 1 of the upgrade set (it should already be bootable). Stop the upgrade attempt (it'll usually just fail on it's own).

#2:  Leave Disk 1 in the boot drive and FDISK C: drive as normal.

#3:  FORMAT(also on disk 1) previously FDISKed drive using command (without quotes)

Note---Using the "S" switch in #3 copies the system files to the drive after formatting; the files the upgrade looks for when it's upgrading (as I mentioned years ago, you're essentially upgrading DOS 6.22 to DOS 6.22).  The "U" switch is an unconditional format (i.e.---can't go back, but if it's a fresh drive, it may not be needed---I've just never done it without it).

#4:  Run the upgrade disks as normal (i.e. reboot or run "A:/setup.exe").

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