How to use PsTools

How to use PsTools

Pstools is a commandline tool package, that has some tools like the; psexec, pslist, psservice, psloggedon and some more (standard not built in)

PsTools let you manage local AND remote systems, that’s nice because we want to do some remote stuff.

Lets say, you want run a program on the remote system/host.

We run:

Psexec -i \\HOST P:\a\t\h\program

The -i option let you run it interactive, so the user can see it.


Where the \\HOST is is the host computername or IP address.

Then you give the path of the program and the program name to be run.


Psexec -i \\PC7 C:\WINDOWS\System32\calc.exe


Another example:

I want to open a website (lets say for my little bro that sits on PC2;

Psexec -i \\PC2 "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" ""


You can download Pstools here: