How to use “Open and Repair” command to perform Excel recovery?

By: techexperts
September 20, 2010

Microsoft Excel offers a primary method for file recovery in MS Excel 2000 and the later versions and that is the use of ‘Open and Repair’ command. Use this command for recovering the recent changes you made in the damaged Excel file. Here are steps to use ‘Open and Repair’ command to perform Excel recovery:

Step 1. Launch MS Excel application

Step 2. Go to File menu and select the Open option

Step 3. In the “Open” dialog box, select the required file and click the arrow next to the Open button to select the Open and Repair option

Step 4. Click the Repair button when Excel prompts to perform Excel repair

Step 5. Save the recovered data file

However, if the Open and Repair option fails to help you retrieve your data, you can use the Extract Data option instead of Repair option in the Step 4 of the above-mentioned process. If not satisfied with the results, you can use Kernel for Excel repair to perform Excel recovery.

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