How to use google search

By: XpUser4Real
June 8, 2010

How to Use Google Search

The above link demonstrates google in action.

Google search is a great learning tool that will help you find out how things work on a PC.

Point 1. If you have a questionable item in HJT, google it, that way you will find out what it is and if it can be removed safely.

Point 2. If you want to learn how to copy and paste, google it

Doing extensive PC repairs for many years, I use Google daily when searching for solutions to things I am not sure of. It really helps speed up my repair time as I know my clients rely extensively on their PC's and usually need them yesterday.

I did notice in many posts that if someone makes a suggestion for an example: to 'copy and paste' something, the poster usually says "How do I do that?" That's where google steps in...problem solved immediately.

I use Google because it pinpoints things much better than the other search engines, but hey, that's only my humble opinion!

Happy Computing!


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