How to Set Up an Antivirus Firewall?

By: PCCare247
August 14, 2012

Antivirus firewall software is amongst those applications which would be required to run 24x7 in the background for keeping a system secure from malware infiltrations and hacking attempts. All the more, it should be configured properly so ends up acting in accordance with the threat perceptions.  Better still never ever shy of recommending express action specifically in those situations wherein viruses were to be curbed from disturbing any work or gaming experience.

So, here are some pointers PC users need to pay heed to for getting an antivirus firewall installed without any major hiccups.

Pointers for setting up an antivirus firewall with effortless ease

Step 1. Prior to installing any antivirus firewall application go on and ensure you have no other virus scanner or firewall solution running on the PC

Step 2. The only exception to the aforesaid scenario is Windows Firewall, other third party solutions need to be fully uninstalled before proceeding forward

Step 3. Uninstallation for some antivirus applications can be tough because the whole removal process is based on the scanner being used by the application. To carry forward the uninstallation process  in a flawless manner look for scanner removal tools in the company‚Äôs website

Step 4. Lastly, a restart of the PC may be required before one ends up proceeding with the installation of an antivirus firewall solution

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