How to Screenshot a Full Scrolling Webpage

By: cicish
October 28, 2015

When you see an interesting long piece of news on web, you may need to take a screenshot of the whole page for later reading or for some other reasons. However, the Cmd + Shift + 3 on Mac or Print Screen key on Windows won't get you full contents on that page. You can only get visible things on the screen with those keys. So, you have to turn to additional tools. And luckily, there are free online applications that allow you to screenshot the full scrolling webpage. Webpage Screenshot Capture is one of them. Check out the steps of doing it with this tool in the following.

Step One: Go to the page you want to capture and copy its URL.

Step Two: Open this online application, paste that webpage's URL into its link box and click Take Screenshot on the right.

Step Three: Wait until the processing is done. Then, a preview of the webpage will shown.

Step Four: Click Save image as a file on the right side to keep it on your local disk.

In this way, you can get full webpages easily without downloading anything on your PC.

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