How to Remove Temporary Files

By: Bhenjamin03
November 24, 2015

Each day we use our computers temporary files were saved automatically into our system. These files include Temporary Internet files, Systems Temporary files, Thumbnails, Windows error report. Etc. Although it does not cause an immediate effect to our computers, when these files were filed up it can slow down the computer’s process. This is the reason why these types of files should be deleted. To delete these files, here are the simple steps of doing it.

Step 1: Click the “Start Menu”, look for “Disk Cleanup” and open it.

2.      Step 2: Next, is to choose that temporary files that you want to delete by ticking the box besides it and then hit "Ok".

3.      Step 3:   A prompt will appear, now click “Delete Files”, and wait for a moment till the process completes.

After removing these files, you will notice that your system’s speed will somehow improve.

That’s the simple way on how to delete your systems temporary files. Thanks for stopping by. 

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