How to Remove Recurring Spyware Pop-Ups

By: PCCare247
August 24, 2012

Is your browsing experience being spoiled by incessant Pop-Ups? If yes, it is about time you did something about it. A situation wherein it would be safe to say installation of not one but two premier anti-spyware applications would keep you in good stead. But then all said and done, the going however can be a bit tough, because installation of the application needs to be carried out in the safe mode. All for the sake of ensuring the application doesn’t open up least when you really expect it to do so. So, without any delay, here are those steps which would enable you to nip any spyware in the bud without any hassles whatsoever. Starting with:

Downloading the spyware applications

Now in the nascent stages, please ensure you are downloading only the top notch spyware applications. All we can say out here is applications such as ‘Spybot’ or ‘Lavasoft Adware’ end up coming in extremely handy in tackling the Spyware problem.

Installing the Applications

In the next stage restart your computer and repeatedly press the F8 key to launch the application in the safe mode.

Accessing the Applications

Once inside the safe mode try and ensure you are downloading only the latest version of the spyware. For doing so click on the ‘Update Now’ button to allow the application download all the latest updates, fixes and patches. A trifecta going a long way in boosting the application’s ability to tackle the most potent breed of spyware head on. 

Once downloaded, disconnect the internet connection by disconnecting the Ethernet cable or powering off the modem.

Fish for Issues

Search for issues plaguing your system. To do so, simply select the ‘search for problems’ option.

This step will scan the PC for any spyware residing on it.

Please Note: The same steps should also be employed for the second antispyware utility to ensure any spyware not caught by the first software is eventually caught up by the second one.

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