How to remove a Bootkit (audio mutes itself, audio ads, etc)

By: xryanx
August 1, 2010

A Bootkit is a program that infects the master boot record and masks itself so it cannot easily be detected by normal AV software (much like a normal Rootkit does). The following two links are from Majorgeeks, which contain instructions on how to remove a Bootkit Infection.

PLEASE be careful and follow the instructions carefully, as not following them correctly could cause your system to not boot. I have linked the posts due to potential copyright issues, and I do not want to cause any trouble with Majorgeeks or

Step 1. Click the following link, and when taken to the page, Responses 2 to Response 4 will be the steps on how to remove the infection:

Step 2. Click the following link:  and when taken to the page, Response 2 will be the steps on how to delete C:\System Volume Information\Microsoft, if for some reason it cannot be done as per the instructions in the first link posted in this tutorial.

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