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How to Make an XP/Vista Program work with Windows 7/8

By: NT56erbx
January 27, 2014

This How-To will tell you how to make an XP/Vista compatible program work on Windows 7 or 8. Most programs will still work on newer versions of the OS, but occasionally they can have compatibility issues.

Step 1. Right-click on the program.

Step 2. Select Troubleshoot Compatibility. It should be the fourth option on the list, just below Run as Administrator.

Step 3. A window will pop up saying Detecting Issues.

Step 4. A menu should appear after about a minute, saying either Try recommended settings or Troubleshoot program

Step 5. Check The program worked on earlier versions of Windows...
Don't check the option that says Program will not display properly. Even if you are having problems similar to this, this merely adjust the resolution, and will not run it in XP/Vista mode.

Step 6. Click Next

Step 7. Hopefully this will allow the program to operate properly on Windows 7/8. 

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