How to Make a Program Always Run as Administrator

By: NT56erbx
January 18, 2014

Some programs require being run as an Administrator to be able to function properly (usually saving data). You can always right click the program and select Run as Administrator, but for frequently used programs this can be time-consuming and annoying. It is possible to make a program always run as an Administrator.

Step 1. Open Control Panel

Step 2. Select System and Security (or just System)

Step 3. Click on Administrative Tools

Step 4. Select Task Scheduler under the list of all the applications

Step 5. Select Create Task...

Step 6. Give it a name that you will remember (I will just call it Program)

Step 7. Check the box near the bottom that says Run with Highest Privileges

Step 8. Select the tab labeled Actions and click on New

Step 9. Click Browse and find the Program that you wish to use.

Step 10. Click OK, you may have to enter your password.

Step 11. Right click anywhere on the desktop, and select New > Shortcut

Step 12. Type schtasks /run /tn "Program" and replace Program with whatever you named the task.

Step 13. Click Next, and name the shortcut.

Step 14. Click Finish!

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