How to Keep using Yahoo Classic Mail

By: XpUser4Real
August 18, 2011

The new yahoo mail is terrible as far as I'm concerned (they are trying to force it on everybody), and once you agree to trying it, there is no way to revert back on the yahoo mail page....I hated it because it was a terrible version so here is a does work...I'm using it, and hopefully the fix will last for a long time to come.

Here's how....

Step 1. Right-click on a blank area of the desktop.

Step 2. Click on Screen Resolution

Step 3. Write down your present resolution setting (you will need to reset it at the end of this)....then... Reduce the Resolution to 800x600 and press OK. Keep changes.

Step 4. Sign into Yahoo Mail.

Step 5. After a few seconds, a message will come up, saying there is a problem with the resolution.

Step 6. Scroll down and you will find an option to change back to the previous version of YahooMail

Step 7. Click the option to stay with Classic Mail and there you are!!

Step 8. Now this last part is IMPORTANT: Revert your screen resolution back to it's previous settings, click apply and you're done.

If you use more than one browser, repeat the above and then sign in with a different will do the same.

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