how to install windows xp

By: imperator
September 26, 2009

1.Configure your computer to boot from cd

  a) Enter in BIOS settings ( try DEL button, F10, F12 or F2 ).

  b) Go in "Boot" section and select the cd-rom drive, then press ENTER.

  c) Drag the cd-rom drive to the top, then press ENTER again.

 d) Press F10 to save the changes.

 e) Insert Windows XP cd.

2.Boot from the cd

a) When you see the message "Press any key to boot from cd",press one

b) Now the cd will load the neccessery files and device drivers

3.Installation --- First (1) Part

a) When you see the welcome screen , press ENTER.

b) Next, press F8 to accept the EULA.

c) If you`re offered to repair windows installation , press ESC.

d) Select the partition you want to install in:

     - If you need to delete an existing partition, press D and confirm it with ENTER, then L buttton.

     - Then select unpartitioned space and press C, then ENTER.

e) If you don`t need to delete a partition, select one and press ENTER.

 f ) Select the file system you want and press ENTER ( i recommend NTFS).

g) Have a cup of coffee while setup is formatting and copying files.

4.Installation --- Second (2) Part

a) System will reboot, so ignore the message "Boot from CD".

b) Once the devices are installed, click "Next", then your name. 

c) When you click "Next", enter Product key, then press "Next" again.

d) Next screen will be about computer name and password, so enter the computer name( required ) and/or password ( optional ) , then press Next.

e) Set the correct time and time zone, then press "Next".

f) Select typical settings and press "Next", then select whether the computer will belong to a workgroup or a domain

g) Press "Next" and you finished your job for this part. Now let the installer to finish.

5.Finalize your installation

Here you`ll be asked various things which you can set it like you wish.

6.Enjoy your clean WinXP installation

a) Install your motherboard drivers.

b) Restore your backup, if any.

c) Install your programs

Enjoy the freedom of the clean WinXP installation

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