How to install / remove a processor

By: probfixer
December 13, 2009

Step 1. Open socket lever by pushing lever down and away from socket. Then lift lever.

Step 2. Open load plate. DO NOT TOUCH SOCKET CONTACTS.

Step 3. Remove protective cover from load plate.

Step 4. Remove processor from protective cover. HOLD THE PROCESSOR ONLY AT EDGES, BEING CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE BOTTOM OF THE CPU.TOUCHING THE PROCESSOR BOTTOM CAN LEAD TO PERMANENT PROCESSOR DAMAGE. Do not discard processor protective cover. Always eplace the processor cover if the processor is removed from the socket.

Step 5. Hold processor with thumb and index fingers.(Ensure fingers align to socket cutouts.) Align nothces with socket. Lower the processor straight down without tilting or sliding the processor in the socket. OTHERWISE IT CAN CAUSE PERMANENT PROCESSOR DAMAGE.

Step 6. Close load plate. Press down the load plate and engage socket lever.

* Note: This how-to is for a brand new processor. If not a new one, please skip 3 and 4 step.
* Note: To remove the processor, just revert the above steps.

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