How to Game From Bed via a Mini Projector

By: marcusgarvey
July 20, 2012

Hey all,

This is just a fun one. I've been bed-ridden all week during the steam sale and I wanted to show you how to  game and get past all that. I bought La Noir because it was hella cheap and since I am stuck in bed I adapted to my condition to meet the challenges at hand. Behold my, "sick in bed" gaming rig.

Step 1. Gather these items:

Gaming laptop x1 (HP Envy 14)
pico projector x1 (AAXA P3 Pico Projector)
hdmi cable x 1
bed x1
ceiling x1
cooling pad x1 (microcenter has em cheap)
box of tissues x5 (kleenex always and forever)

Step 2. Boot connect the HDMI cables from the projector to the computer.

Step 3
. position projector to desired image size and location. Set your computer to split screen

Step 4. Enjoy

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