How to Fix Mac FTP Firewall Connect Error via Dreamweaver

If you are experiencing an FTP error (firewall settings are not properly set) when trying to connect your website through Dreamweaver using FTP on Mac OS, here is how to diagnose and fix the problem.

Try temporarily disabling the firewall.

If you are trying to do this through a company network, check with your IT administrator whether FTP is allowed.

If you are working from home, try plugging the network cable from your DSL/cable modem directly to your computer to make sure that the router is not causing the issue.

If that doesn’t work, make sure that you have installed any updates to your version of Dreamweaver and Mac OS first. You can check for free updates on the Adobe and Apple corporate websites.

Having the latest versions and current operating system updates may resolve FTP connection or transfer issues.

Then verify that your network/internet connection is active and if other connection options exist for the server (e.g. SFTP, RDS, WebDAV).

Make sure that in Dreamweaver you have either defined a site or FTP server. You might try creating a new site definition in case the original site definition has corrupted.

Double-check your FTP host and directory information. Things to test are variations of the naming. For example, if using the domain name doesn’t work, try and vice versa. If you cannot connect without host directory information, try using:
Forward slash ( / )

Other settings to try and test:
* Set passive mode in Dreamweaver
* Checking/Unchecking the FTP performance optimization
* IPv6 transfer mode (if your FTP server is IPv6 enabled)
* Change the timeout/disconnect values in Dreamweaver to slightly longer intervals

Hint: Sometimes the solution requires a combination and not necessarily just one setting change. So after you have tried all tips individually, try a combo. For example, try a combination of using the passive firewall and putting the www. before your host directory.