How To Completely Clean Out Spyware from Your PC

By: PCCare247
August 7, 2012

Spyware giving your PC the Blues!! If yes, it is about time you went all out and gave every hard to budge iteration of spyware a good run for its money.  Proposition which demands you to just install nothing but well branded anti-spyware and anti-virus programs on the infected PC. However, it is an approach which tends to work well only when the infection is in moderate overtones. In severe cases, a PC user might need to go ahead, change the approach and explore other avenues. Those being:

Rebooting the system and running it in Safe mode

Press the F8 key while the system boots up (the period before the Windows splash screen appears) and select the basic Safe Mode option. At this juncture please don’t go for the option 'Safe Mode with Networking' as it may end up isolating the infected PC from the web and other PCs in case of if the PC is connected to a local network. All the more also please don’t opt for the 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt' option as the graphical user interface disappears and the process of cleaning becomes a whole lot tougher.

Remove spyware manually

Use this method with extreme precaution. Under this method access the Control Panel and search for installed programs which really don’t belong to your computer. But beware Control Panel also lists many programs which do not come under the category of spyware. For in real time many spyware programs end up using special installation methods to avoid showing up in the list of installed programs. So, proceed carefully before you decide to uninstall programs for in reality such programs may be genuine in their orientation and really might not come under the category of spyware

Reinstall Windows

A method one should try only in the direst of circumstances. Since, it works towards removing only that breed of spyware which ends up hiding itself so well that uninstalling it becomes a real pain in the well….. Neck. So, in cases wherein PC users still find an evidence of spyware even after trying to remove it or uninstall it with an antispyware program, the need might be to simply go ahead and reinstall Windows.

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