How to change Thomson SpeedTouch 536v6 Modem Router to Bridge Mode

How to change Thomson SpeedTouch 536v6 Modem Router to Bridge Mode

To set the modem to a bridged mode, please ensure that your PC is connected directly to the SpeedTouch.

If you have previously set up the modem to connect to the internet, you will need to disconnect it using a web browser.

Step 1. Go to and Under Broadband connection, click on ‘Disconnect’ button.

Step 2. You can then close the browser. (The Internet LED should be off)

Step 3. To perform a telnet to the modem, click on (Start, select “Run…” and type in:

cmd [Enter]
(for Windows 98se or Windows Millennium, type: command [Enter] )
if the command is successful, you should see a black color DOS screen.

Step 4. Type in the following

telnet [Enter]

Step 5. When prompted for authentication, please provide the following information.

username: Administrator [Enter]
password: [Enter]

Step 6. You should then see a prompt like the one below:


Step 7. Please type in the commands as they appear after the “>” symbol.

{Administrator}=>ppp relay
{Administrator}[ppp relay]=>flush
{Administrator}[ppp relay]=>..
{Administrator}[atm phonebook]=>flush
{Administrator}[atm phonebook]=>add
name = pvcInternet
addr = 0.100
:atm phonebook add name=pvcInternet addr=0*100
{Administrator}[atm phonebook]=>..
intf = atmInternet
:atm ifadd intf=atmInternet
intf = atmInternet
[dest] = pvcInternet
[qos] = default
[encaps] = llc
[retry] = 10
[fcs] = disabled
[ulp] = mac
:atm ifconfig intf=atmInternet dest=pvcInternet ulp=mac
intf = atmInternet
:atm ifattach intf=atmInternet
{Administrator}=>eth bridge
{Administrator}[eth bridge]=>ifadd
intf = snbbridge
:eth bridge ifadd intf=snbbridge
{Administrator}[eth bridge]=>ifconfig
intf = snbbridge
[dest] = atmInternet
[portstate] = forwarding
[retry] = 10
[vlan] = default
[prioconfig] = disabled
[ipprec] = disabled
[priority] = 0
[regenprio] = 01234567
[ingressfiltering] = disabled
[acceptvlanonly] = disabled
[mcastfilter] = disabled
[dynvlan] = disabled
[igmpsnooping] = enabled
:eth bridge ifconfig intf=snbbridge dest=atmInternet
{Administrator}[eth bridge]=>ifattach
intf = snbbridge
:eth bridge ifattach intf=snbbridge
{Administrator}[eth bridge]=>saveall
{Administrator}[eth bridge]=>:
{Administrator}=>dhcp server config state=disabled
Connection to host lost.