How to Change the Default Font in Excel 2010

Sometimes, you may don’t like the default font in excel. You change it in an excel file, but when you create another new excel, the font is still not the one you like it to be. So, here are the steps for you to change the default font in Excel 2010.

Step 1: Create an excel file, click Home and find Cell Styles.
Step 2: Click the upside down triangle besides Cell Styles. Right-click Normal. This is for changing the whole normal words font in the excel. Then hit Modify.
Step 3: Hit Format when another small window pops up.
Step 4: Choose Font when the format window pops up. And set the font you like. Lastly, click OK to confirm it.
Tips: If you want to customize the hyperlink font. You need to right-click Hyperlink in the Cell Styles. And the following steps are the same as above.