How to Change System Language in Windows 10

Sometimes, there are necessities for us to change system language. For instance, we may need to take screenshots to help a foreign friend to do some settings or fix a problem. Anyway, here I’m gonna show you how to change the system language in Windows 10. It’s really super easy.

Step One: Right-click your mouse, a menu will show up, choose Display settings.
Step Two: When the Settings window pop up, click the settings icon on the top left.
Step Three: Then, choose Time & language.
Step Four: Choose Region & language, and then choose Add a language on the right side.
Step Five: Then a window will show up with various languages for you to choose. Select the one you want. Here I take Dutch for example. Find Dutch, click it and choose which region. There are Belgium and Nederland speaking Dutch. Choose any one and you will be taken to the previous window. This is not enough, keep following the steps below.
Step Six: Click Netherlands (the language you just chose). And hit Options > Download language pack. The downloading may take you a few minutes. Wait till it finishes.
Step Seven: When the downloading finishes, resume to the Region & language interface. Click the language you just downloaded, and hit Set as default. Next time you sign-in,  the system language will be the language you’ve just set.