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How to Boot From a Bootable Device

By: KainGames
June 23, 2016

Step 1. Turn computer on

Step 2. Press F12

Step 3. Go to BIOS Setup

Step 4. Using the arrows, go to "Boot Sequence"

Step 5. Press Enter

Step 6. Make sure "USB Storage Device" is #1

Step 6a. If it is not, Press Enter on every option except "USB Storage Device"

Step 7. Press ESC

Step 8. Press Save using the arrows and the enter key

Step 9. Press ESC again,

Step 10. Using the arrows and the enter key, press "Save/Exit"

Step 11. Enter your bootable usb after the following message appears:
No bootable devices-- Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

Step 12. Enter bootable usb and press F1

*Note: A regular usb that has not been created into a bootable usb will NOT work. Search for videos that show you how to do that.*

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