Getting a Driver for Free

By: happiness34
December 8, 2010

When we come across driver issue, we always want a working but free solution to the driver problem.  Some of us may know where to go, but some of us may not.

Manufacturer's Site

The hardware manufacturer's support site is, without doubt, the best place to get the right driver updates for free. Drivers downloaded there are the best tested and most up-to-date ones, mostly importantly, they are free.

Here are the steps to download drivers directly from the hardware manufacturer's support site and notes that you should keep in mind.

Step 1. Identify the make and model of the specific hardware you need drivers for so that you will know what company to contact and what specific drivers to download from their website.

Note: For a branded computer system (like a Dell desktop or a Acer laptop), all you need is the exact model number of your complete system to get the Dell drivers or Acer drivers you need.

Step 2. Find the hardware manufacturer's support website.

Note: Nearly every hardware manufacturer in the world has a website with detailed support information including driver download, manuals, troubleshooting etc.

Step 3. Locate the driver download area of the manufacturer's support site.

Note: Normally, the driver download area could be called "Downloads", "Software Downloads", "Driver Downloads", "Drivers", "Drivers and Firmware", "Drivers and Software" etc. But if you visit a website's home page first, the words "Support" is what you should keep an eye on.

Step 4. Use the website's navigation or search abilities and then choose the specific hardware you need drivers for.

Note: The navigation of most websites is fairy easy to use. But if have any troubles in finding    your way around a specific website, it would be good to contact the company directly.

Step 5. Download the drivers to your computer and save the downloaded file to a familiar location on your desktop.

Note: Remember the place you save the file to so that it can be easily found before installing.

Other Driver Download Sources

If the manufacturer's website is out of business or you're looking for a driver for a very old piece of hardware so that you can't find the drivers for you hardware at your hardware manufacturer's website, there are several other driver download sources available.

Many of these driver download programs also help you install the driver on your computer and they may convince you on their website that the process needs to be done on a very regular basis and wants you to pay. Actually, these are their selling points. Therefore, always remember you shouldn't have to pay for a single driver not a regular service.

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