Get Windows Aero Glass on Vista Basic or Non-Supported Requirements

By: computereater
March 6, 2011

This is an awesome resolvation, I have been searching for 3 months on how to do this, and have finally got a solution.

Step 1. Click here and download TrueTransparency.

Step 2. navigate to the TrueTransparency application and run it. (it will flash on then off)

Step 3. Right click the TT icon on your task bar and put your mouse over skin.

Step 4. Click AERO,

Step 5. Download WindowsFX here.

Step 6. Run the file.

Step 7. Go through the steps untill you reach the end of the installation.

Step 8. Tick the box "Run WindowsFX 4 now" and click finish.

Step 9. Close window.

ALL DONE! (NOTE that this only brings the windows aero glass feature on the windows... but that is the part that most people want.)

(Close any open programs and restart them) YOUR WINDOWS AERO SHOULD BE THERE FOR MOST OF YOUR WINDOWS

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