Get Photos off iPad and into a Single PC Folder

By: lurker46
July 25, 2013

Getting photos off an iPad and into a single folder on a Windows 7 PC

(sharing a solution found on another site)

With a digital camera, the files (images or videos) go into a single folder, usually called DCIM. When you hook the camera to a Windows PC using a USB cable, you can copy all the files to a single folder on the PC. From there you can view them, sort them by type or by date and time, move batches to separate folders to make slide shows, etc.

But when you download from an iPad rather than a camera, you'll find that the files have been stored in a large number of folders with meaningless names. After a recent vacation, we had 2500 new photos and a few videos, taken using various cameras, backed up to an iPad, where they were strewn about in 80 different folders. I could easily copy those 80 folders to my PC using an Apple-to-USB cable. But how could I get the files into a single folder?

It turns out there is a trick that uses no software and no batch command file:

In Windows Explorer, make a new folder called "from iPad" and put all the downloaded folders beneath it. Click on "from iPad", showing all the subfolders but not their contents. Then in the search box at the upper right, search "from iPad" for the 3-character string [ *.* ]. That lists all files that exist in any of the subfolders. A final click on the "File type" header sorts by file type, separating files from subfolder names.

Now just select only the files (photos and videos) using the "click and shift-click" method, copy them, and paste them into the "from iPad" folder itself. Then delete all the subfolders, and get to work on your scrapbook!

P.S.: to cut out a step, you might be able to search the iPad itself for *.* , then download only the files and not Apple's garbage folder structure.

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