Fixing Spontaneous Slow Downloads PS3

By: NT56erbx
December 9, 2013

Recently a few people I know and I have experienced absolutely terrible download speeds on the PS3. When I say this, I mean about just a few Bytes every second. At first I figured it had to be a problem with PSN or something as I have 12 Mb/s download internet. After a few days of this, I began investigating further. Any game through PSN was working fine, and when I went to it was saying I should be getting 11.5 Mb/s, so it wasn't a problem with the internet provider either. After screwing around a bit on my PS3 i figured out how to fix this:

Step 1. Go to the Settings tab in the XMB menu

Step 2. Go to the very bottom, network settings

Step 3. Go to Internet Connection Settings

Step 4. Select Custom

Step 5. Input any required Internet Settings, like the WEP key and SSID (with wired just click automatic)

Step 6. Select the default of any other setting (such as DHCP MTU Proxy UPnP)

Step 7. Change the DNS setting to manual

Step 8. Set primary DNS to, and secondary to

These are Google's public DNS servers. You can change it to whatever you want, but make sure you trust the DNS servers. They don't really pose a security risk but if they are corrupt then it will cause internet problems. Any major corporation's DNS servers should work fine.

Hope this helps!

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