Find Exact OS Version and Other System Credentials

In order to post on Computing.Net’s forums, you must enter your Exact OS and CPU type and RAM amount. If you are using Windows, you can get this information rather easily. Use the following procedure to determine your system credentials.

N.B. When posting on a forum, be as specific as possible. For example, when posting on the Windows XP forum, do not just write “Windows XP” as your OS. Instead write something like “Windows XP Home SP1.”

Step one. Right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and select properties. Alternatively, you can go to start/settings/control panels/system.

Step two. You will see your Exact OS information in the top right of this window (Look under System:). When posting on Computing.Net, abbreviate “Service Pack” “SP” and leave out the version number of the OS.

Step three. You will see your RAM and CPU information under the “Computer:” section. It may be hard to decipher your CPU type from this information, however your RAM will be a number followed by the letters “KB” or “MB.” If yours is reported in “KB,” you can eliminate the last three digits and the KB while posting on Computing.Net. Doing this will give an approximate value of your RAM in megabytes. Note this will not be an exact value.

Step four. Fill in the form properly on Computing.Net. A good example of a properly filled in form for “Exact OS” is “Windows 2000 Pro SP3.” A good example of a properly filled in form for “CPU/Ram” is “PIII 800/128 megs.”

The information above is supposed to guide you when filling in the system credential fields on Computing.Net posts. If you already know your computer has 128 megabytes of RAM and a PIII 900MHz processor, enter that instead of what you see under the “Computer:” section.