Dual booting Windows and Ubuntu

By: T3hG33k1024
August 5, 2009

There is a way to easily use Ubuntu and Windows on the same hard drive without using that clumsy Wubi installer.

What you want to do is;

Config A: There is no operating system on the computer

Config B: Some version of Windows is on the computer

For Configuration A:
Set up partitions for both operating systems
You can do this by, before copying files to the hard disk, delete all partitions. Then, hit C (key, in Windows XP and 2000) and follow this guide: 1024 MBytes is 1 GB. Multiply for desired partition size. Leave the rest for Ubuntu.
(Preferably, for a 120 GB HDD, for example: About 10-40 GB of space (depending on how much data you will store) for Ubuntu, the rest remaining for Windows.)
Install Windows and get all the updates.
Then, burn a CD or DVD (I prefer CD because of the perfectly sized .iso file) containing the installer. MAKE SURE THAT YOU EXTRACT THE ISO, NOT JUST THE FILE ITSELF
Install Ubuntu to the largest continuous free space and go back to Windows and finish installing your updates and programs.

Configuration B (a lot simpler than configuration A):
Install Windows (should have already been done, if not, refer to Config. A)
Install EASUS Partition Manager Home (free and contains all you need for this config.)
Resize your Windows partition to a reasonable size, while leaving enough space for programs,
so that you have some space for Ubuntu and Windows.
(Preferably, EASEUS Partition Manager Home)
Burn a CD or DVD of Ubuntu (again, I prefer CD's over DVD's because even though most drives support DVD media, there are CD-only drives out there that people are using. Plus, with a DVD, a large amount of the space is wasted and cannot be used.)
Install Ubuntu to the non-Windows partition
Reboot and make sure a bootloader appears and both Windows and Ubuntu appear and boot. If not, there is a setting in Ubuntu or something went wrong.
Enjoy using Ubuntu and Windows.

I hope this guide helps you with what you are trying to do.

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