Disabling Call Waiting

Have you ever been on the modem and had a download interrupted because your modem died when call waiting “beeped” in? Well disabling call waiting is very easy to do and it will only last for the duration of the time that you are connected to the Internet. Before you proceed you should note that disabling call waiting will result in a caller receiving a busy signal when they call your house if you are on the Internet. This How To assumes that your telephone provider uses the code *70 to disable call waiting but this may not be the case for all providers. You may want to call the operator and get the correct code before proceeding.

Step one. The first thing that you need to do is open up the dial up networking folder in My Computer to do this double click on the My Computer icon.

Step two. The next thing that you need to do is right click on your Internet connection and go down to properties.

Step three. Once in the properties menu, find where the phone number of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is listed and put a “*70, ” in front of it. Note: if you have an area code delete it out of the area code box and put it into the phone number box with a “*70, ” in front of the whole thing. For example, if you had to dial 1-800-555-3232 to access your ISP, you would delete the area code from the area code box and put *70, 18005553232 in the phone number box.

Now no one will be able to disconnect you from the Internet by calling you and triggering your call waiting.